Meredith Coote

Meredith Coote; General Manager at Community Circles Australia

Meredith Coote is a thought leader, human rights and self direction advocate, mental health champion and a genuine collaborator. She is also a wife, carer, daughter, friend and mother of 2 fabulous humans, one who is an NDIS participant who she supports to self direct and reimagine her potential for a life of greater happiness and possibility. Meredith sits on the Advisory Committee for Carers Australia in the Covid19 Project and runs several carers mental health groups.

Meredith has qualifications in education, psychology, family and systems therapy and management. Meredith has 37 years experience in the sector, working with people who may be vulnerable due to circumstances of ill health, disability, becoming older or mental health and the accompanying potential diminishing dignity and capacity. She has 28 years experience in senior roles in NSW Government including the Public Guardian, Trustee and Guardian, NDIS roll-out and the Sector Development required with ADHC, and the developing practice of supported decision making. She was also the General Manager of Mable for several years assisting to build the rights and practice of people to self manage their care and support teams.

Meredith has recently become a ‘self managed’ consultant, leading to extraordinary opportunities to partner with purpose driven people to drive and influence innovative change in people’s lives.

Meredith is a strong advocate for self directed support and believes there is critical work to do in connecting people and communities intentionally to provide additional safeguards to assist people to live independent and interdependent lives. She has recently launched Community Circles Australia, partnering with Helen Sanderson in the UK and the Charity Touched by Olivia with the goal of creating better, connected lives for everyone.