Julie Patterson

Julie Patterson; Founder & Managing Director at DIViN Group & Support Coordination Academy & Therapy Pro

As a human services professional with over 30 years’ experience in the sector, Julie has significant expertise in leadership, organisational development, cultural change, facilitation, people development and relationship management. She has held senior executive roles and led change and growth projects within federal and state government agencies, and the not-for-profit and corporate sectors, building extensive relationships.

The NDIS has been a major focus of Julie’s work since 2013, through her role as founder and Managing Director of DIViN Group — a boutique consultancy specialising in organisational change and quality learning and development solutions.

Julie’s involvement in the sector goes beyond a professional interest — her three children were all diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at a young age. Julie’s passion for supporting people with disability to become independent and live full and meaningful lives stems from her personal and professional experience and drives her to create meaningful change in this unique time of reform.

In 2015 Julie formed Idea Partnerships with my long-time collaborator Phillip Laidlaw, producing two successful businesses that are driving improved outcomes and positive change — Therapy Pro and Support Coordination Academy. Julie and Phil are co-Managing Directors of Therapy Pro and heavily involved in leading and shaping this business. They collaborate with partners to tackle critical design challenges and bring big ideas to life.