Adam Lopez

Disability Inclusion and Equity Facilitator at Volunteerability

Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez; Disability Inclusion and Equity Facilitator at Volunteerability
Presentation: Inclusive Volunteering - A tool kit for ALL

Volunteering can support many goals and increase skills. Our toolkit guides individuals, supports and organisation's towards meaningful volunteering.

Co-speaker: Rachel Yorston and Annette Holden

Speaker Bio

Adam has volunteered for most of his life in various sectors and understand the importance of volunteering to build confidence, connect with community, have a purpose and increase work skills. As a person living with Autism, Dyslexia and ADHD, he understands and empathises with those wanting to contribute and connect to society in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. Adam's paid position at Volunteerability and his work with ARC (below) enable people to utilise their skills, passions and abilities to increase their wellbeing and give back to the community. Educating people about the benefits of diversity is a driver for Adam, showcasing his belief that everyone should be informed before making decisions based on unconscious bias. Volunteerability uses a holistic approach to educate, inform, empower and motivate people to volunteer and implement inclusive volunteer management practices.

Adam is a co-founder of a live action role-play organisation, Adelaide Role-playing Community (ARC). They create weekend events with fully interactive experiences, like a wizarding academy and a monster hunting school. People have travelled from all over Australia to play in ARC's role-playing events.