Jim Mullan

CEO at Amaze

Jim Mullan
Jim Mullan; CEO at Amaze
Presentation: Partnering for Success: A cross sector collaboration to improve experiences and outcomes for autistic participants

APM Communities and Amaze have developed a unique partnership with a primary focus on LACs receiving independent and expert information, training and advice on supporting autistic people. Through exploring key elements and mutual benefits of the partnership to date, it's hoped to inspire similar collaborations. 

Co-speaker: Kerry Sopher

Speaker Bio

Jim is the CEO of Amaze, a leading autism organisation driving positive change for Autistic people and their families. He is leading the organisation’s national development in the areas of policy, advocacy and service innovation to ensure that Autistic people can live their best lives by participating in meaningful way in all aspects of life. Jim also has lived experience of supporting an Autistic family member to navigate the world.

Jim says he is one of the army of sad hackers with a golf addiction.