Jasminne Hristic

Founder and CEO at NGO Training Centre

Jasminne Hristic
Jasminne Hristic; Founder and CEO at NGO Training Centre
Presentation: Embrace the power of AI: Unlock the potential for transformative change in your administrative operations

AI technologies can revolutionise administrative tasks, leading to significant time and cost savings. Jasminne will show how they can be applied specifically to organisations in the disability sector.

Speaker Bio

Jasminne boasts over 15 years experience in Executive Coaching and Transformation Management, having worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organisations, and government entities. Holding an MBA, she is the proud founder and CEO of the NGO Training Centre, an online training provider currently supporting over 400 disability support organisations across Australia. With a deep-seated passion for education, innovation and change, she has dedicated her career in assisting organisations to fulfill their purpose through the creation of workable strategies, organisational alignment, and the optimisation of systems, operations, and cultures.

Jasminne is the proud Mum of two little girls and she loves exploring! Jasminne loves immersing herself into different cultures and taking the roads less travelled. This love of exploring has also led her to strive for personal and spiritual development; from learning yoga in India to learning about native amazonian traditions in Peru, plus much more.