Laura Cowell

Chief Executive Officer Australian Operations at Tender Loving Care

Laura Cowell
Laura Cowell; Chief Executive Officer Australian Operations at Tender Loving Care
Presentation: Collaborative Approaches to Building a Strong and Inclusive Disability Service Sector

Exploring collaborative approaches that build a robust and inclusive disability service sector, showcasing local and international case studies that exemplify a wholistic approach and the development of a supportive ecosystem, empowering us to truly deliver person-centered care.

Co-speaker: Yasser Zaki

Speaker Bio

Laura Cowell is the CEO Australian Operations for Tender Loving Care. With extensive experience in project management, business operations and general/strategic management across corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors, Laura is a collaborative executive leader. She is also an elected government official with a background in strategic planning and has a proven record of exceptional business results, creating business strategies, building high-performance teams, achieving revenue and growth targets and coaching and mentoring executive leadership, in addition to serving on various not-for-profit boards.

One fun fact about me is that I am the Vice President of the Sutherland Shire Football Association and on the weekends and every Tuesday night, I get to share my love for the game with our 26 member clubs (over 19,000 players), nurturing both the sporting spirit and the community's youth. Beyond football, I cherish my time with my grandson, who recently turned one. These moments with him are precious and they remind me of the simple joys in life. I am a passionate advocate for those suffering from rare diseases. I run a charity called Fibrous Dysplasia McCune Albright Syndrome Australia, an endeavour close to my heart, as I am also affected by this condition. Serving on the board of the Genetic Alliance allows me to expand this advocacy, connecting with others and facilitating support for numerous genetic disorders. But my commitment to service does not end there. I am a local councillor, ensuring that I stay connected to my community, understand their needs, and act as their voice in the local government. I also dedicate my time and energy to the board of Community Minds, a charitable initiative that gives back to our community.