Tania Gomez

Director at Tania Gomez Consulting

Tania Gomez
Tania Gomez ; Director at Tania Gomez Consulting
Presentation: Building a Profitable NDIS Business with Purpose: Top 5 Tips for Success

Join Paul and Tania for this dynamic session on building a profitable NDIS business with purpose. They'll share practical tips and tricks alongside their top five strategies, leaving the audience with actionable insights to help businesses thrive.

Co-speaker: Paul Bryan

Speaker Bio

Tania Gomez is a dynamic entrepreneur with a decade of experience in running successful businesses and helping NDIS providers thrive. She founded Provider+, Strawberry Solutions, and Tania Gomez Consulting, aiming to assist providers in overcoming challenges and achieving business success. Tania's expertise, energy, and commitment to quality and compliance are evident in her work as a certified NDIS Commission Auditor. With multiple qualifications and extensive industry knowledge, she is passionate about helping NDIS providers succeed.

Tania is a mother of four who loves morning walks on the beach.