Christi Dunkerton

Plan Manager & Co-Director at Apoio

Christi Dunkerton
Christi Dunkerton; Plan Manager & Co-Director at Apoio
Presentation: Strengthening Service Delivery through Collaborative Stakeholder Partnerships: Unlocking Potential

Collaboration and partnerships are crucial for achieving successful service delivery. Inspired by creative service delivery in regional areas, this session will explore different disciplinary strategies, tools, and real-world insights that empower you to look both within, and outside of the disability service sector to cultivate effective collaborations, driving positive change in service delivery

Speaker Bio

Christi is an accomplished specialist in marketing and business development, focusing on the disability sector. With 15+ years of experience, she has spearheaded numerous initiatives, driving positive change and improving service outcomes. As a sought-after advisor, Christi empowers organisations to cultivate effective partnerships, leveraging collaboration for service excellence. Currently serving as co-director at Apoio, a regional NDIS Plan Manager and Support Coordination agency, her wealth of practical knowledge inspires and guides professionals in successful collaboration within the disability sector.

While the world whirls in a caffeinated frenzy, Christi prefers to wander through the tranquil gardens of tea!