Paul Vaccaro

Innovation & Development Manager at Kirinari

Paul Vaccaro
Paul Vaccaro; Innovation & Development Manager at Kirinari
Presentation: Growing impact through collaboration: working together to extend the geographical reach of successful services models

Working through a real-world example, we'll demonstrate how collaboration between values-aligned service providers can expand the reach of successful service models and deliver outcomes to new communities

Co-speaker: Paul Brown

Speaker Bio

Paul brings a wealth of experience across various fields including banking, finance, marketing, and strategy. Paul has now turned his focus to building innovative approaches to human services. While some may liken him to a modern-day Sherlock Holmes for his keen eye for opportunities, others appreciate his expertise in driving Kirinari's strategic vision, but many just call him Paul.

Paul has a tendency to start a series in Audible and even if he doesn't enjoy the series, he has to finish it!