Paul Brown

CEO and Co-Founder at Jigsaw Australia

Paul Brown
Paul Brown ; CEO and Co-Founder at Jigsaw Australia
Presentation: Growing impact through collaboration: working together to extend the geographical reach of successful services models

Working through a real-world example, we'll demonstrate how collaboration between values-aligned service providers can expand the reach of successful service models and deliver outcomes to new communities

Co-speaker: Paul Vaccaro

Speaker Bio

Paul co-founded Jigsaw - a social enterprise which trains and transitions people with disability into open employment - in 2014. His leadership has grown Jigsaw from one customer and two employees with disability to a national, multi-site business with over 100 clients, which has supported over 1000 people to prepare for employment. Paul is passionate about the power of social enterprise to create an inclusive economy where people with disability have unlimited access to opportunity, dignity and prosperity.

Paul has ridden from Sydney to Brisbane and back again on a bike!