Deslinder Grimble

Manager/Mentor at Im Online

Deslinder Grimble
Deslinder Grimble; Manager/Mentor at Im Online
Presentation: Empowerment by Simplifying the NDIS

"Have you been told ""no, you can't use the funding for that"" and then had to relay this to your client? This session shows you a method that is simple but effective, so that you can say ""yes"" more often to your client's requests."

Co-speaker: Jeanette Barnesby

Speaker Bio

Deslinder is a dynamic and compassionate individual with a diverse professional background that spans both the corporate and non-profit sectors. With a wealth of international experience and personal connection with NDIS through a sibling, Deslinder has developed a deep passion for making a positive impact in the disability services field.

"Deslinder says that ""Wine is the answer to most problems!"""