Pouya Farbod

Founder and CEO of Tibii Pty Ltd at Tibii Disability Support Services

Pouya Farbod
Pouya Farbod; Founder and CEO of Tibii Pty Ltd at Tibii Disability Support Services
Presentation: An innovative and rewarding Human Rights Model approach for Support Coordination

The session will look at investing in the development of a support coordination workforce that is sustainable and effective to achieve stability, higher staff satisfaction and retention and higher quality outcomes for our clients through the Human Rights Model approach.

Co-speaker: Emma Faehrmann

Speaker Bio

Pouya is a human being with a background in international business, embarked on a transformative journey that led him to establish Tibii. After years immersed in the world of numbers and corporate politics, he felt a deep sense of disconnection from any meaningful purpose. Determined to make a difference, Pouya pursued a Master's degree in Disability Policy and Practice. During his studies, Pouya delved into developmental and behavioural practices, actively engaging with the human rights model in disability management. Recognising the remarkable potential for change, he saw the integration of the human rights model as the logical next step forward, challenging the prevailing social and medical models that had dominated for decades. In addition to his work in disability management, Pouya is an accomplished entrepreneur who has established six other businesses in various sectors, including technology and other areas related to human services. These ventures demonstrate his diverse expertise and commitment to improving lives through innovative solutions.

Pouya approaches life as if it were a game, and that's not just a metaphor ΓÇô he's also a professional FIFA game player! When he's not conquering virtual soccer fields, you'll find him showering love and affection on my furry friends, particularly dogs. As an animal lover, he can't resist their adorable antics and the joy they bring to his life!