About the Conference

The 2023 Call for Abstracts has now closed.

One Community and Presenting Partner, Tender Loving Cuisine are proud to present the third annual Australian Disability Service Conference. This event forms part of the Australian Disability Service Conference & Awards (ADSCA).

View the full 2023 ADSCA Conference Program here.

The Conference brings together the diversity of the disability service sector in a conference which is for the workforce by the workforce.

The Conference offers a unique peer-to-peer content delivery format with a focus on delivering creative and innovative content, allowing service providers to collaborate for the purpose of initiating change and having constructive conversations to build a positive future within the landscape of disability services in Australia.

As part of our planning process, we listen to your ideas on conference themes and subject topics. We go to you for abstracts and an opportunity to present. We have a conference panel with members from within our industry to guide our conference program. We offer content that is relevant to frontline workers including Support Coordinators and Allied Health Professionals, as well as those in middle and senior management roles.

Tickets will go on sale in August. We invite you to join us to Innovate · Collaborate · Initiate at the 2023 Australian Disability Service Conference.